Joseph Bates Home at Fairhaven

Due to construction and restoration interior tours may be restricted until construction is complete sometime in mid-August of 2018
Schedule your tour after August 7 at 774-328-6247.

An interactive museum is scheduled for completion some time in 2019



191 Main St., Fairhaven, MA  02719

AHM acquired the boyhood home of Joseph Bates in 2005. The home was built in 1742 and is the oldest continuously occupied home in Fairhaven, MA.
Joseph Bates moved here with his family in 1793 when he was just a year old.  Going to sea at the age of 15 he served 21 years at sea, being a captain and part-owner of his own ship when he retired. After retiring from the sea he became active in the temperance movement, forming the first temperence society in America. He was an active voice in the abolition movement.  Then, around 1839 he became a Millerite preacher, announcing the second coming of Christ about 1844.  He brought the Sabbath truth to the disappointed Millerites who had anticipated Jesus would come to earth in 1844.  Bates was the senior member of the founding trio of the Seventh-day Adventist church with James and Ellen white being the other primary founders.  Joseph Bates traveled and preached and served the church,  serving as the first Seventh-day Adventist conference president.


At the site you may hear the stories of the life of Joseph Bates and learn about his contribution to the many causes he espoused.  This site will eventually feature a first-class interactive museum.  We will try to keep youup to date with more pictures and stories as they develop.  We have a lot of work to do and there is still a need for contributions to help restore the home. You can be a part of the team and development at this site with your tax deductible gifts to AHM.  To Contribute  click here


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